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Office Receptionist


Opportunity Through Community Pathways

Our internship program offers a comprehensive learning experience encompassing all facets of our organization, including The Marketplace, Unique Finds, and our mobile food shelf with Marketplace Delivery. This immersive exposure equips our interns with a well-rounded understanding of our operations, making it adaptable to various academic pursuits.

For those pursuing social service-focused programs, our internship provides valuable opportunities for client engagement, from conducting registration interviews to contributing to program development and administration through community needs assessments. Additionally, our interns actively engage in community outreach by collaborating with our network of community partners and participating in various programs. Conversely, individuals seeking experience in logistics management will find fulfillment in handling the intake of food, clothing, and household goods for our members. We maintain meticulous records of all incoming and outgoing supplies, which are vital for both funding and program management purposes.

Furthermore, our interns have the chance to take on leadership roles by facilitating group discussions, actively participating in team meetings, and engaging directly with clients, volunteers, and staff members.

Key responsibilities within our internship program may include:

  • Processing food and clothing donations, encompassing tasks such as inspection, weighing, stocking, and inventory management.


  • Providing logistics support by overseeing the reception and unloading of deliveries and maintaining inventory records.


  • Engaging with clients through check-in and check-out procedures, as well as conducting registration processes and needs assessments.


  • Assisting in program support activities, which may involve coordinating Marketplace Delivery and offering support for fundraising initiatives or events.


  • Contributing to administrative tasks, including filing, managing phone and email communications with clients, partners, vendors, and other relevant stakeholders.

Our internship program is designed to provide a dynamic and multifaceted experience that not only enriches the intern's skills but also supports our organization's mission and goals.

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